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History of the Monark Bicycle &  Monark Super Twin


1949 Monark Super Twin

If you landed here from the internet chances are that you have a interest in the Monark Super Twin. My goal is to provide information and or History about the Monark Super Twin the Marman Twin and the Jack & Heintz.


Monark ST History

Monark Bicycle Company famed maker of Bicycle such as the Monark Silver King made this Motor Bike. The Super Twin  ( Monark Bicycle Co. 6501 W Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill) Produced its own Complete Motor Bike (not a kit) The Monark Super Twin.   Produced (1949 - 1954) The Engine was Produced by Power Products Corp. of Grafton, WI.( bought out by Tecumseh in 1957) reported by John Stansbury the factory color schemes were as follows. They came in orange and black, turquoise and cream, dark blue and cream, black and cream, and yellow and cream.  Click here to see story of first Super Twin! Power Products adapted it's engine on many products Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Scooters it was a very versatile power plant!

Marman Twin /Jack & Heintz

 Zeppo Marx ,who teamed with brothers Harpo ,Chico and Groucho until 1934, started the Marman Products Co. in 1941,almost by chance. He happened to meet an aircraft company executive one day who told him about the country's shortage of machine shops. Zeppo liked to "tinker" with machines and even had a home machine shop, so he offered to handle some machine work for the firm.

  I believe he had a idea and found surplus drone plane engines or he found the engines and had a idea from the Jack and Heintz aircraft company. I'm not sure who designed the dry plate clutch for the Marman Twin, Monark Super Twin and the Jack and Heintz motor bikes.

  I have a Marman Twin that I bought off eBay a while back. Since then I have located a lot of extra parts for them. I have also located a Jack and Heintz engine that is rebuilt now. I only have one Marman Clutch and one Belt Guard. The belt Guard I might be able to fiberglass and make a look a like the clutch would be harder to duplicate. If any one knows were there is a Marman or Jack and Heintz clutch please contact me.

Don H Marman



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